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My Favourite Childhood Memories

This post is a small collection of some of my favourite memories from growing up 😊 • Michael Jackson at Aintree Racecourse Back when I was 5 years old, Michael Jackson was BIG news. Both my older sister and I were obsessed with him and his music. This was helped along by our Mum’s love… Continue reading My Favourite Childhood Memories

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Excitement Overload!

OK, so apologies in advance for this post as it is by faaaaaaaar the laziest thing I've posted thus far in my blogging journey. Basically, I've been unbelievably busy over this last week with work, social plans and sorting myself out for the holiday I'm going on this coming Monday. But this isn't just any… Continue reading Excitement Overload!

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The Little Things In Life That Make Me Happy…

We currently live in such times where social media can (very often) be used as a sort of "bragging" tool.  I see a lot of "look at how great my life is" posts, whereby the greatness of this life and the happiness it can bring is measured more by expensive possessions than anything else. I'm… Continue reading The Little Things In Life That Make Me Happy…