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My Favourite Childhood Memories

This post is a small collection of some of my favourite memories from growing up 😊 • Michael Jackson at Aintree Racecourse Back when I was 5 years old, Michael Jackson was BIG news. Both my older sister and I were obsessed with him and his music. This was helped along by our Mum’s love… Continue reading My Favourite Childhood Memories

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Justin Timberlake: Man of The Woods Tour Review

Arena Birmingham, 27th August 2018. Where to even begin? How about back in 1998 when I was 14 years old and fell in love with a boyband called NSYNC?  Justin Timberlake was allllllllways the man for me 😍😍 I was always gutted that I never got to experience NSYNC live as to my knowledge, they never really seemed… Continue reading Justin Timberlake: Man of The Woods Tour Review

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The One Where The Fresh Prince Came To Blackpool…

OK, so said event actually occurred a month ago and I am sliiiiightly late in writing this - but I'm here now! Excuses, excuses, but I genuinely did have a rather hectic month. I'm never normally such a social butterfly, I'm a boring cow usually but you know when all of your plans for the… Continue reading The One Where The Fresh Prince Came To Blackpool…