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Inside The World’s Biggest Lush Shop!

Friday 15th March 2019 saw the grand opening of the biggest Lush store anywhere in the world; and in my home city of Liverpool no less! By some kind of amazing stroke of luck, not only was I on annual leave that day, but it was also payday for me. So naturally, I just HAD to pop along!

You can find this colossal, three floor shop of dreams on Church Street in Liverpool’s city centre. When I arrived there was already a huge queue leading from the main doors and wrapping all the way around the side of the shop:


There was no messing about here, Lush meant business. Just before doors opened, those queuing and any passers by were treated to a set from Stealing Sheep and there was also entertainment inside from DJ Ross Robertson.

Doors opened at 11am and this was when I found myself facing quite the dilemma. As in, where on Earth to begin?! Like I said, there are three floors inside this shop. There’s a spa, a coffee kiosk, the first Lush hairdressers and hair lab (with the chance to create your own fresh hair treatments), not to mention the full Lush make up range.




There are over 300 brand new, exclusive products stocked in this store, including 29 new fragrances. As an added bonus, you can also pick up fresh flowers or a potted plant if you fancy!





Lush is a vegetarian company with products made mostly from natural, fresh ingredients. The company do not test on animals.

More recently, Lush has expanded and now 80% of their range is vegan friendly.

Naturally, I had to pick up a few bits whilst I was there. I opted for my old faithfuls from the Sleepy range (I LOVE this stuff 😍) – shower gel and cream – plus I bought the cookie dough lip scrub and a h’suan wen hua hair treatment. I normally get the bubblegum lip scrub but the smell of the cookie dough was too hard to resist!


Will you be taking a trip to the world’s biggest Lush store any time soon? What are your favourite products from Lush? Let me know in the comments!

(All photos are my own).

13 thoughts on “Inside The World’s Biggest Lush Shop!”

  1. OmG, I would SO want to be there! It looks amazing, and to have a chance to try some exclusive products…
    I love lush, I plan to make myself a bath ft it’s butterball bath bomb this evening, so you can imagine! 🙂
    P.S. Sleepy is one of my favs too! 😉

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  2. Three floors of Lush?! That sounds amazing, if only the prices weren’t so high! I love new exclusive products from Lush, I sometimes get bored of the all year-round ones! My favourite ever Lush products are from the Christmas Range, anything So White and Yog Nog scented!! The fact that Lush is 80% Vegan is amazing, I never knew that, hopefully they will be 100% Vegan one day! Great post, I would love to take a visit but I don’t think it will be a very good idea for my bank account haha xx

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  3. I love the brand, its values and products. nowadays I use their lipstick, sometimes also mascaras, been “no poo” (and conditioner, cleanser, moisturiser free) over five years now. but my daughters like them too and I still could wander for ages in their stores ❤️

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  4. What, 3 floors?! Damn I need to go to Liverpool! I absolutely love Lush so this is heaven for me, and it’s so good to see more cruelty-free/eco-friendly brands becoming bigger and bigger! I absolutely love their shampoo bars at the moment

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  5. Oh my goodness I NEED to go here! I’m really intrigued by the hair care section and am desperately wanting to reduce my use of plastic bottles so maybe they can help.
    I’ve never tried the sleepy range I think I should as I have awful sleep problems.
    My favourite Lush products are the bath bombs. They just make me feel magical xxxx

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  6. Oh my goodness this looks incredible! Would love to visit this store. I need to get that sleepy cream they have soon as I think it sounds lovely to wind down on an evening. Lovely photos! Melis


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