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Four Nights In Prague

I visited the amazing city of Prague in the Czech Republic back in June 2016. My younger sister is off on holiday there next week and it got me reminiscing – so I decided to do a throwback post on my trip!

If any of you are planning a trip to Prague in the future, then you may find some useful hints and tips here.

I visited with two friends for four nights. We flew with Czech Airlines from Birmingham and the prices were really reasonable. We paid £109 each for return flights, with onboard snack/drink and 15kg baggage allowance.

We stayed in the Archibald City Hotel. It cost us £100 each for the four nights. We shared a triple room and you got a breakfast each morning. The hotel room itself was great, it was spotlessly tidy and had everything we needed including air conditioning… Prague got up to 30 degrees whilst we were there, so it was much needed!

The staff at the hotel were lovely and they even did free snacks downstairs for residents between the hours of 12pm and 6pm. This was so handy on our last day as we all grabbed a sandwich before heading to the airport for our flight home – such a nice touch!

Archibald City had a roof terrace, serving food and drink and the views across Prague from here were amazing. I got this shot on our first night there:


The hotel was in a great location – only 150 yards away from Wenceslas Square and a 15 minute walk from the Old Town Square (more on those in a bit).

We may have only been there for four nights, but we managed to do a fair bit! My top recommendations and tips are:

“Free” Walking Tour

We started in the Old Town Square and found our tour guide. We then spent hours exploring Prague whilst being informed of its rich history from years gone by. Our tour guide was an American lady who had lived in Prague for a number of years. Her knowledge about the city was astounding, I did wonder how she remembered everything she told us!

At the end of the tour, you pay your tour guide whatever you feel that they deserve, which I thought was really interesting (reminded me of Four In A Bed on Channel 4!) Of course we rewarded our guide with a decent payment. The tour was really enjoyable and passed through many areas of the city that you may not have stumbled upon on your own. This included the Jewish quarter plus we made it to Prague Castle in time to see the changing of the guard.




Old Town Square

There are many beautiful buildings in Prague, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Make sure to visit the Old Town Square though, which includes the Church of St. Nicholas, the Týn Cathedral and the Town Hall with the world famous Astronomical Clock. The clock dates back to 1410 and is the oldest astronomical clock in the world still in working order. On the hour every hour, crowds will gather to watch a 45 second show, where the 12 apostles appear in the windows above the clock and give a nod to the audience.



Wenceslas Square

This is the place to go for bars and restaurants. It’s a vibrant area which also houses many great shops including good old C&A!


Who remembers that shop? Such a shame it disappeared from the UK high street. We spent a while in there and there were so many nice pieces, all at great prices. I picked up a dress, which I still wear, for only £16 and I always get complimented on it. Suppose it’s a bonus that probably nobody else I know will have the same one!

Municipal House

If you have a sweet tooth (like moi!) then make sure you drop into Municipal House. The building itself is beautiful and there’s a café inside, where they have a dessert trolley! This comes around carrying the most DELICIOUS cakes and sweet treats on! I had a slice of black forest gateaux and it was to die for 😍😍



The Charles Bridge

Take a trip over or under the Charles Bridge – or both! We walked the bridge one day and on another day we went on a cruise, which sailed up and down the Vltava river. This river cruise also served food and drink on board so you get to enjoy a tasty meal, whilst the sun sets and you sail under the bridge – bliss!





Now back to my sweet tooth! You can’t go to Prague and not try some Trdelník. Although this actually originated in Hungary, Trdelník has become a “must try” dessert over the last 10 years in the Czech Republic. Trdelník is rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick to form a sort of cone shape. It’s then grilled and topped with sugar and walnut mix, before being filled with ice cream. Sometimes fruit is added too. Trust me when I say that these are to die for!



• We found that on the whole, meals and drinks were really cheap in Prague. In one bar, a pint of lager was cheaper than a coke!

• There are cobbles pretty much EVERYWHERE in Prague so make sure you pack some sensible, comfortable footwear!

• We got a taxi from the airport to our hotel and then an Uber back to the airport for coming home. We found that the Uber was two thirds cheaper than the taxi was, so would definitely recommend using them over there.

So there you have it! Have you ever visited Prague? Which places did you enjoy most or what would be your top tips? If you’re currently planning a trip of your own then I hope this post has been helpful – have a great time!

(All photos in this post are my own).

30 thoughts on “Four Nights In Prague”

  1. This is such an informative post, I’ve made some notes from it ready for when I visit Prague as part of my interrail trip this summer! The trdelník looks amazing, I’ve seen them before and wondered if they were any good so will definitely be trying one 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, definitely get involved with some Trdelník, you won’t regret it 😂 Thank you for reading and hope you have a great time in Prague! X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really want to start exploring more of Europe and doing little city breaks and Prague has been on my list for ages! Love how you ran through all the different elements of the trip, including your flights and hotel recommendation. I’m definitely going to keep the spots you mentioned in mind if I get a chance to go soon! Thanks for sharing x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh man, the price you paid was worthwhile! Pretty cool that the hotel had some cool perks. FREE IS BEST! The views of Prague looks amazing. It is so cool that the clock has been up for over 600 years!! Mmmm the desserts look delicious! I know I’d give them a try too hehe. Thanks for sharing a throwback vacation!!

    Nancy ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading! And yes, Prague is such an affordable place for a city break, I’d totally recommend it 😊


  4. Some fantastic tips, unfortunately I’ve yet to visit Prague but it’s somewhere that is high up on my list. Those ‘free’ walking tours are pretty common in Europe. A great way of seeing and learning about a city and obviously within anyone’s budget which is nice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah the walking tour was such a brilliant way to explore the city! I’d definitely recommend a visit to Prague. Thanks for reading 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you for sharing your tips! Prague looks amazing, it sounds like you had a great time. The food also looks incredibly tasty my mouth is watering just looking at the pictures haha! I have been looking to find places to visit that aren’t too far away from the UK due to illness so this could be a serious candidate for a place to go in the future.

    Jess xxx ||

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Prague is only a short flight away so would definitely be a good option for you! It’s a beautiful city. Thank you for reading 😊


  6. Thanks for sharing this. You’ve reminded me just how much I’d love to go back to Prague! I’ll defo do a walking tour next time, thanks for the tip! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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