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Things I Don’t Get

This post is a bit of a lighthearted one today folks! It’s basically a little list of things that pretty much everyone seems to LOVE or love doing, but which just leave me feeling like:


In short – I don’t get it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a post full of personal opinion. Don’t take offence if you don’t agree 😊 Everyone out there has different takes on different things, it’s what makes the world interesting!

Let’s begin!


Why is he so popular? Like, the guy has sold a TON of albums/singles. He scored his EIGHTH number one album in America earlier this year and his popularity seems to just grow and grow.

I don’t get it.


From what I’ve heard, his music all sounds the same! (Sign I’m getting old perhaps). And his voice is so boring and monotone. His lyrics are hardly groundbreaking either. I saw this tweet the other day which summed it all up perfectly for me:


Roast dinners and photos of them all over Instagram

I know I’m definitely in the minority here, but I don’t really like roast dinners at all. They’re just not my bag. I don’t get it.


I’ve noticed near enough every Sunday, my Instagram is awash with posts from my friends/family all “Sunday roast – yes! 😍😍😍😍😍 Can’t wait to demolish this!” And I’m just like:


Ones that are absolutely swimming in gravy are the ultimate worst offenders, you filthy articles 🀒🀒🀒

Alchemist cocktails

I’m all for a drink and I do enjoy a cocktail from time to time – even though I feel they’re usually more juice and ice than anything else. But cocktails at The Alchemist take the whole Hobnob.


(Photo credit: Birmingham Mail)

My friends love it in there but in my opinion, it’s all style over substance. I get that it’s their theme; the whole alchemy thing, mixing lotions and potions together in a lab or some similar kind of rubbish. But it just means that it takes about half a sodding hour to get a round of drinks made. Who has the time for that? I don’t get it.

People who enjoy exercise

Now this is the ultimate in “I don’t get it”. There is actually a ton of people out there who bloody love to exercise. Why? Why in the EFF? I actually did a whole post about this a while ago so won’t go on about it too much here.


But yeah, if you enjoy exercise, I don’t get you πŸ˜‚

Mermaids and unicorns

When did both of these become such a thing and when are they going to bugger off? I’m sick of the sight of them everywhere and on everything.

Not only are they on clothing, accessories, household items etc. they’re now taking over the food and drinks industry. I keep seeing links online to “Unicorn Toast!” and “Mermaid Juice!” What makes them so? Being colourful and full of sprinkles apparently. Since when did being colourful and having sprinkles equate to being a unicorn or a mermaid?



I don’t get it.


I saw a jumper online once. An adults jumper, I might add, which contained just four words: Bitch, I’m A Unicorn. Well for one, unicorns don’t even exist, love. And two – don’t call me a bitch!

Another “bangs head against wall” moment was the mug I saw which said “If you can be anything in life, be a mermaid”. Great life advice there – aspire to be something that doesn’t even exist. Enough please!

Tom Hardy

Not a bad looking fella and I’m sure he’s a lovely guy. In fact, I believe he’s a massive dog lover which catapults him higher up in my estimations.


That’s where it ends for me but my friends (and loooooots of other women it seems) are all crazy for him. I don’t get it. But hey, different strokes for different folks isn’t it?

I’d much rather have Jamie Dornan or Ryan Phillippe any day 😍😍


Instagram photos with silly, unrelated quotes/captions

When did this become popular? If you want to post a photo, whether that be a nice view, you and your friends on a night out, your roast dinner (shudder) or a shameless selfie, then go ahead and do it. You do you, boo.

But why are people now posting a photo and teaming it with a quote that is completely unrelated to the photo? I don’t get it.

Case in point, I saw a post a few months ago of a girl in a bikini on the beach and the caption was “Happy National Pizza Day!” Right… OK. But what does you in a bikini have to do with pizza? Where is the pizza in the photo? It isn’t even like she was eating pizza whilst wearing a bikini (life goals right there). To me, it just seemed an excuse to post a photo of herself in a bikini. And why not? She looked amazing! But that’s exactly it. Just post the photo of you in a bikini, looking great, and be done with it.

Then we got this from Khloe Kardashian recently – just why?!


I think that’s it. For now anyways πŸ˜‚ Do you agree with any of the things I’ve listed? Or alternatively, what things do you not get that everyone else seems to love? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

7 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Get”

    1. Oh God, another roast dinner fan… πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ Just something about them makes my stomach turn! πŸ˜‚ Thanks for reading xx


  1. I was happy to read this light hearted fun article… as a Pre School Teacher I might have added… Baby 🦈 do do do do do do…. including the verse… Run away do do do do do do…. one would think it should have read….swim away ( instead of run away) because sharks don’t run they swim… and besides if you can run away from the shark, he wasn’t much of a threat in the first place #justsaying

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed it! Haha, I said the same thing when I heard Baby Shark – surely it should be swim away?! Xx


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