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Celebrity Shout-Out: My Favourite Females

There are plenty of women that I admire, both in “real” life and in the celebrity world.  I think if I were to blog about how much I admired my Mum for instance, we’d be here all day.

However, I’ve decided that for this blog, I’m going to write about Stacey Solomon and Rochelle Humes as I believe they are both brilliant role models for women and young girls out there.

The internet can be a nasty space at times, especially with the popularity of social media and many people taking it as a free pass to be an arsehole and knock others down.

I intend to do the opposite with this post as I want to put some positivity and kindness back out there, so let’s go!


First up is Stacey, who first came to our attention at age 19 in the 2009 series of The X Factor, where she finished in third place.  Stacey was the last woman standing in the competition and always came across as extremely likeable.  She was a single mum to her son, Zachary and just wanted to make a better life for the two of them. (Stacey has since gone on to have another son, Leighton, in 2012).

Despite not winning The X Factor, Stacey has gone on from strength to strength and has carved out a very successful television career.

Stacey’s likeability and down to earth nature saw her crowned “Queen of The Jungle” in the 2010 series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.  She has since presented many TV shows and is now a regular on ITV’s Loose Women.


One of the main reasons I love Stacey is her refreshing honesty.  She has always championed the fact that the women you see on TV and in magazines (herself included) do NOT look that way in real life.  The images we’re presented with are pretty much smoke, mirrors, make up/contouring, good lighting and airbrushing.  Stacey believes that it is dangerous for young girls to think this is how they should look 24/7 and goes out of her way to show how she looks during her downtime.


What I like most though, is the way in which Stacey tells us all about how she really looks – she does it in such a humorous way that it really makes me cackle.

On her way to the Soap Awards this year, she posted a video to her Instagram story showing off her shoes, which had a clear strap across the toes. She then zoomed in extra close so that we could all see her hairy big toe through the strap! I can’t think of many famous women who would do that 😂

Just to add that Stacey was dressed head to toe in Primark for this event and looked amazing:


Stacey has also handled some extremely unfair criticism of her body by a tabloid newspaper like a boss.

Back in August 2016 an article was published which displayed a photo of Stacey on holiday in a pink bikini and a photo of X Factor winner Louisa Johnson, also in a bikini on holiday.  It, rather disgustingly, was comparing the breasts of both women.  Stacey’s were described as “sinky pinkies” whereas Louisa’s were praised.  Whilst it’s vile to compare women in this way full stop, it was also ridiculous given that Louisa was 18 at the time, Stacey was 26 and had also had 2 children.  It was an unfair and unnecessary comparison and the tabloids really should know better! (But that’s a whole other blog post right there…).

Stacey hit back at this in delightful fashion, simply tweeting:


And whilst on her holidays last year, Stacey got in there before anybody else could.  She posted a video to her Instagram of her in a bikini, pointing out her “saggy boobs, muffin top and stretch marks”.  Stacey then went on to list all of the reasons why she loved having them.  My favourite had to be how she didn’t need a bag as she simply put her sunglasses and an ice pole under each boob and she was good to go!

On holiday this year, Stacey also posted a poolside photo with the caption #cactusorlegs to reference her unshaven legs and poke fun at the #hotdogsorlegs trend:


Stacey can be serious when required though and recently posed for some photographs in a bikini, which were then put through the wringer on Photoshop.  The before and after photos were published side by side and the results really were mindblowing.  It’s amazing what can be done and how easy it can be to deceive an audience:


I really respect Stacey for the message she is striving to put across and for keeping it all as real as possible.

Next, we have Rochelle Humes, who first shot to fame at the tender age of 12 in the line-up of S Club Juniors / S Club 8.


Since those days, Rochelle was also a member of the hugely successful girl group, The Saturdays, and is an accomplished TV and radio presenter.

Rochelle is now 29 and I think it’s nothing to be sniffed at that she is still working in the industry and has managed to keep her head down and avoid going off the rails, as many child stars do.

Rochelle is a mum to two daughters, Alaia-Mai and Valentina, with her husband, Marvin Humes, formerly of JLS.  Rochelle regularly posts photos of her girls on her Instagram but is always careful to never show their faces, which I think is a lovely way of keeping them out of the tabloids and living as close to a “normal” life as possible.


Like Stacey, Rochelle is also an advocate for women to embrace their natural beauty and at the end of last year, spoke of her decision to stop straightening her hair and let her natural curls shine through, to set an example to her children.


Rochelle also regularly posts photos of both men and women with their natural curls on display using the hashtag #curlslikeus.

Another reason I give props to Rochelle is the London Marathon.  Rochelle signed up to run the 2018 race just after giving birth to her second child and openly admitted that she “couldn’t even run half a mile” at the time.  She regularly posted updates on her Instagram on how her training was going and was so honest in them – tired, sweaty, covered in water/muck from being splashed by drivers going through puddles and also crying when it was particularly tough.  But she did it:


It was *almost* enough to convince me that I could do it too… 😂

Rochelle has also collaborated with my favourite shop, New Look, for a clothing line “The Rochelle Edit“.  I like the fact that Rochelle and Stacey are big fans of the high street and never tend to alienate their fans with endless selfies in designer clothing most of us could never afford.


Stacey and Rochelle: keep on being you ladies, we love you for it ❤


16 thoughts on “Celebrity Shout-Out: My Favourite Females”

  1. Great post! I won’t lie, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Stacey when she was on the X Factor. However, she grew on me sooooo much afterwards! Her tweets and her Instagram are so empowering and I love how she’s really made something of herself!
    Jas xx


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