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Magical Mogán


I recently returned from a week long holiday in the beautiful Puerto de Mogán, on the western side of Gran Canaria.

Prior to booking this trip, myself and my friend Sharon were looking at the more popular and touristy Puerto Rico on the island.  Until a chance conversation literally hours before I was about to book Puerto Rico changed my mind.  A work colleague recommended Puerto de Mogán to me as an alternative.  I’m SO glad she did.

Puerto de Mogán is billed as a small fishing village, often referred to as “Little Venice” due to the small rivers and bridges which lead out into the sea:



Don’t let the term “small fishing village” put you off visiting though.  Puerto de Mogán may be small, but it’s definitely mighty.

The resort is an instagrammers dream. The streets leading down to the harbour can only be described as utterly picturesque.  The houses are painted in bright colours and decorated with all manner of beautiful plants and flowers:





The busiest area of Puerto de Mogán is undoubtably the harbour, where there is a large variety of restaurants and cafés.  Sharon and I stayed in some self-catering apartments a 10 minute walk from the harbour area, which were excellent value.  Each day would feature a stroll down to the harbour area to stretch our legs and sample the food.  Food is life after all! More on that later…




On the way to the harbour you will pass plenty of shops; from your typical souvenir shops to higher end boutiques and everything else inbetween.  If you happen to visit here self-catering like we did, there are also two decent sized and well stocked supermarkets.  On top of this, Friday is market day, which attracts visitors from all over the island.  I’ve never seen so many stalls!  Each time you turned into a new street there was another row of them, with lots of bargains to be snapped up.

Puerto de Mogán also has a modest, horseshoe shaped beach which is very clean and ideal for sun worshippers.  You’ll find the beach about 5 minutes (on foot) before you reach the harbour.  There are sunbeds and parasols for hire or alternatively, just whip out your own beach towel and white bits and soak up the rays to your hearts content.


We only felt the need to venture out of Puerto de Mogán just once during our week there.  There’s a small bus station on the way to the harbour and it cost us just €3.05 each for a 20 minute return bus ride to Amadores.  This is another small resort in close proximity to Puerto Rico.  Apparently you can walk from one to the other in just a few minutes but we chose not to.  We hit Amadores beach and pretty much didn’t move for the rest of the day.  Amadores beach is stunning and larger than Puerto de Mogán’s.  If you’re a beach bunny then you will certain enjoy this one.

But back to Puerto de Mogán…

My top tips for whilst you’re here are:

1) Visit Sunset Point to catch the sun setting, you can even see Tenerife in the distance! It can be a bit tricky to find but is totally worth the effort.  Wear decent footwear though, as the terrain is a tad rocky once you’re there.  We followed some directions on Trip Advisor to find it:




2) Make the journey up the 225 steps to the Mirador viewpoint.  This is a viewing platform – with benches for a little rest after that climb! – which offers panoramic views of the entire resort.  It’s just stunning.  So stunning, that we did the climb twice to take in both the daytime and nighttime views.




3) Call into Sol and Luna on the harbour.  Their tapas was a dream and was so good that we made a return visit on our last night before flying home.

4) Pick up a bottle of this in duty free on your way home:


This bad boy is Canarian honey rum and is bloody lovely! I’m not usually a rum drinker but after pretty much every meal out, we were given a complimentary shot of this stuff.  Safe to say I developed a taste for it!

Speaking of meals, the food in Puerto de Mogán was extremely tasty.  As well as the traditional tapas and sangria on offer, their specialty was seafood.  Well, it is a harbour resort after all.

La Lonja served us the biggest sea bream I think I’ve ever seen. I struggled to finish it, and I can eat a lot! It was so delicious.  Sidenote: we got 3 free shots of honey rum here 😂

Blue Marlin treated their customers really well.  You were given a free bruschetta and glass of fizz whilst looking over the menu.  I had a fish and prawn dish here which was lovely, as was my panacotta dessert.

We also sampled some Indian food at Taj Tandori (on the shopping centre roof terrace, a short walk back from the harbour) and some Thai food at Asia House.  I’m running out of adjectives here to describe all the meals we had but they were all lovely.

These were all evening meals.  In the daytime we stuck to cheaper, smaller plates at places such as the Irish Tavern and Bish Bash Bosh.  Both were really good value for money with great service from the Irish and Scottish staff respectively.

Overall, I couldn’t recommend Puerto de Mogán enough.  It certainly isn’t the place to go if you’re into rowdy club nights and rolling into bed at 5am.  Pretty much everywhere is shutting up shop between 11pm and midnight there, but this suited us down to the ground.

The entire resort is stunning and I felt as though I spent a week living inside a postcard.  It was the perfect place to chill out, meander through the beautiful streets and enjoy the delicious food.  If you’re ever thinking of visiting Gran Canaria, make sure Puerto de Mogán is on your to do list.


Flights: Ryanair

Transfers: Viva Transfers

Apartments: Cordial Mogán Valle

Currency: Euro

Photographs are all my own.

12 thoughts on “Magical Mogán”

  1. My gosh this place looks wonderful! Your pictures are super beautiful, the beach looks absolutely stunning and has really made me crave a holiday now haha. I’ve only been to Playa Del Ingles in Gran Canaria and I can’t say it looked a thing like this, I can’t say I enjoyed it all that much actually… I’d definitely make it up to the viewpoint and sunset point, love a good adventure on holiday!
    Alice Xx


  2. Ah I actually visited here about five years ago with my family and loved it! Your pictures are all gorgeous, I spent so many days on that beach haha. While I was only there a few days, I wish I’d caught a glimpse of that sunset, so beautiful! Looks like you had an amazing trip, thanks for sharing! x
    Evie x |


  3. Ive literally not long come back from Puerto Rico and we went to Amadores beach most days, had the pleasure of walking through Mogán for a few hours before a boat trip! Such a wonderful little place, gutted I missed out on some of the things you’ve listed here! Can’t wait to see where you go next ❤️ Xox


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