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Linda’s Veggie Table

Event: Linda’s Veggie Table

Date: 12th May 2018

Venue: Paintworks Event Space, Bristol

Photo credit: lindamccartneyfoods Instagram

To celebrate the upcoming National Vegetarian Week (14th-20th May 2018), Linda McCartney Foods are hosting a number of events titled “Linda’s Veggie Table” in both Bristol and London.

I went along to one of the events in Bristol yesterday (just a handful of tickets available for London here if you’re quick!)

As a meat-eater who is looking to at least reduce my meat consumption, I found it a really interesting event.  There was definitely no judgement on the part of the lovely staff working at the event, and I was also relieved to find that I wasn’t the only carnivore in attendance.

The event was designed to demonstrate how quick and easy it can be to rustle up a vegetarian meal, along with showing how tasty veggie food can be.

There were three dishes prepared for the audience (of around 40 people) by chef Glen, assisted by Jay McGuiness, of The Wanted and Strictly Come Dancing fame.  Jay explained that he has been a vegetarian himself since the age of 13 and he also featured in the same event for Linda McCartney Foods back in 2017.


Chef Glen and Jay McGuiness.  Photo credit: @lindafoods Twitter

All three dishes were skillfully prepared before our very eyes and then handed out in cute little pots for each audience member to sample.


There was great variety to the dishes too, check these out:

* Jay’s Miso-Glazed Portobello Mushroom and Vegetarian Beef Wellington, Vegan Béarnaise and Roasted Asparagus

* Spinach and Pine Nut Vegetarian Meatballs with Aubergine Caponata and Herby Lemon Fregola

* Thai-Scented Sweetcorn and Vegetarian Pulled Chicken Fritters with Mango and Lime Salsa and Ginger and Sesame Pak Choi

I know, right?  Yum!  I know they sound like they could be a little bit of a faff but trust me, chef Glen had me believing that even I (chief burner of toast) could whip these delights up in no time.

The event lasted for an hour and there was plenty of time during and inbetween the cooking for audience participation and questions.  Chef Glen was very knowledgable and Jay was a brilliant, amiable addition to proceedings, with the audience eating right out of his hands.  Quite literally:


Photo credit: lindamccartneyfoods Instagram

Audience members were also invited to attend 30 minutes prior to their session beginning, where they could sample free vegetarian canapés and mocktails.  These were delicious by the way.

Each attendee was also gifted with a goody bag, featuring (amongst other things) a Linda McCartney apron for when we attempt to do some of our own veggie cooking.


Finally, there was the chance for a celebrity-selfie with Jay at the end of the event.

Tickets were only £10 with all proceeds (exclusive of booking fee) going to the Trussell Trust which is just fantastic.  The food was beautiful and it has really convinced me to branch out more into the world of vegetarianism.  I couldn’t recommend this event enough – make sure you’re there if it comes back for 2019!

8 thoughts on “Linda’s Veggie Table”

  1. Ooh I hadn’t heard of this event. I love the Linda McCartney veggie range. I will have to go to the next one, thankyou for sharing x


    1. Well it’s been going for a couple of years now so hopefully there’ll be another one to look forward to in 2019! Thanks for reading! X


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