…I set up a blog in August 2017

There were a number of reasons for this. Most overriding reasons though were that I actually enjoy writing, especially when I get to choose the topics!

Plus I felt I could do with a more productive internet hobby, other than snorting over memes on the regs. Although I can’t lie, I’ll probably still do that.  Quite often.  (Memes are life)

So here I am.  I have quite a few ideas already as to various things I’d like to blog about – all currently saved as notes in my phone – so I better get cracking.

Once I’m back from my Summer holiday I will be ON it!

My next blog is likely to be fairly light-hearted.  I’m off to Blackpool for August bank holiday with a friend to see Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff live.  Sounds made up doesn’t it? I can assure you that it isn’t!  And I’ll be blogging about said trip once I’m home.

Until then…

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